On 8th October 2018, Garlinge Primary School & Nursery Year 6 went on an extraordinary school trip to expand our knowledge of WW2 at Dover Castle.

We arrived at the historical site at approximately 10:00am, ready for our day ahead. Despite the fact we had to walk a fair distance to make the most of the visit, we had an immensely enjoyable day! Walking through the ‘Operation Dynamo War’ tunnels was an incredible experience and provided us with the perfect backdrop for imagining the many soldiers and famous leaders who helped Britain during the evacuation of Dunkirk. We also learnt some interesting facts about WW2 events in our local area that improved our understanding.

Exploring the medieval castle was an excitement in itself! The castle has many finely decorated rooms that helped us to imagine what it would have looked like during medieval times. There were numerous floors, so the castle seemed like a maze with all of the spiral staircases linking each of them!

There were never ending corridors and quite a few dead ends too! Once at the roof of the castle, we took in the outstanding views of the town of Dover. It was an amazing sight … and if you looked carefully enough, you could see France quite clearly on the horizon!

Despite our thrilling adventure around the castle and the tunnels, most of us found the Gift Shop equally enjoyable as the actual castle, where we purchased souvenirs to remember our fantastic school trip!

Dover Castle was such a great experience, we hope you plan a visit of your own soon!

BY: Daniella Aiboni, Delaena Debre & Ruby Beasley

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