Educational Life really like to hear from our Young Reporters to find out about the adventures they have been having during the School Holidays. Here is a report from Sophie, who very kindly shared her experiences of ‘Wheels of Time’ with us as part of the Kent Children’s University Summer Challenge.


Wheels of time

Roamin Rex is the logo of wheels of Time.

Sophie’s hand-written article

There are 33 Museums to visit in Kent, each museum you visit you get a free badge, on your second visit you get a lanyard to put the badges on.

Once you have been to ten museums you get a certificate and Bronze  badge. Twenty sites you get a silver badge and certificates. If you visit all 33 museums you get the 2018 award.

Its for children aged 3-11.

Some museums are part if the Children’s university so you get your passport stamped.

There are windmills, steam train, museums about the world wars, aviation and lots more.

My favourite one as the Fleur de lis in Faversham as you can play on the telephone exchange.

I was the first person to get the 2018 award.

I would tell people to give his a go to find places around kent that you might not know were there and to get badges.

Sophie (age 6)

For more information about Wheels of Time, please check out their website


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