Educational life really love to hear from our young reporters to find out about the adventures they have been having during the school holidays. Rose and her family were recently invited to diggerland to produce a vlog




Diggerland kindly donated the tickets to Educational Life and were really keen for Rose to visit to produce this video.

For more information about Diggerland, please check out their website

Want to know more about our ‘Young Reporters’ Scheme?


Have you been anywhere nice over the summer holidays? Maybe you’re planning a trip soon.

Why not produce a Vlog of your day, or even a written review with some photos?

We would love to hear from you and share your experience with our readers.

Alternatively, if you run or manage an attraction and would like one of our Young Reporters to visit, please get in touch with our ‘Eddie’tor (LOL) at

The Young Reporters’ scheme is aimed at young people in education or training and, in line with our ethos at Educational Life CIC, all we ask is that content is positive in nature and age-appropriate.

We would really like to share all of the great things that young people are getting up to and hear their opinions on the things that influence and affect them. If any schools, clubs or organisations would like more information on how they can be involved, Dave, our Schools & Community Liaison, will be happy to arrange a visit.