In the holidays, me, my mummy and little sister went to Upnor Castle in Kent. It was our first visit to a KCU learning destination with my passport so I was really excited

It is really cool as the castle is just by the river so you see lots of boats as you walk up to it. Inside, we got a trail to do which took us around the castle. There are lots of stairs! The trail was about the seaside so we were looking out for icecreams with letters on as well as answering questions. It taught me lots of interesting facts like how the Victorians behaved when they went to the seaside. I learnt about that a bit in school last year so that was nice.

My favourite part was the room with the cannons where it had pictures of how they were used and stored. It also had great views from up high and you could see how they would have defended the castle from any baddies that attacked.

We also got to go upstairs and did some arts and crafts. We made jellyfish which was lots of fun. We used black card and bits of cut up crepe paper. Using the templates, we both made colourful jellyfish which we still have at home.

I would definitely recommend visiting Upnor castle. It was a really fun day out for us all and we are definitely going to visit again!

Nathan, 6

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