Normally, when I visit Dreamland, I go there for the rides or to have fun at the roller disco. This time I went there as a reporter for Educational Life to report on the Silver Sunday event and my task was to find out what it was all about.

So, what exactly is Silver Sunday? Silver Sunday was a huge event held at Dreamland for people over 50 to help them meet new people, have a taster of clubs and activities that they can do and speak to different people that can help them.

There were different rooms set up, the first room had lots of different stalls and craft activities in it. I really enjoyed the craft tables where you could try things like: sand art, knitting, clay modelling and decoupage, which is sticking small squares of decorated paper onto things to make patterns. There were stalls where you could talk to people like the Police, Age UK and Ageless Thanet to see how they could help you.

Mayor of Ramsgate, Trevor Shonk

In the second room people could join in with group activities like dancing, fitness and hear talks about the past and the history of Dreamland.

On the day I spoke to people about how Dreamland had changed over the years and what their favourite memory was. The Mayor of Ramsgate, Trevor Shonk who has always lived in Thanet, said “Dreamland has had its up and downs and its been a rollercoaster and with all the investment in Margate hopefully it’s going to work”. His favourite memory was of the rides and the candy floss.

Ralph Hoult also known as Mr Ramsgate said, “Dreamland made Margate famous because it was such an iconic place we didn’t have Alton Towers and all those places, Dreamland was the number one”. As a child he remembers walking round and feeling excited as it was just like a dream.

Mr Ramsgate, Ralph Hoult

Gillian Joss, who also has always lived in Thanet, said “When I was a teenager back in the 60s Dreamland was a fantastic place to be”. As a child her favourite memory was going on the hurdy-gurdy which is the merry-go-round. From talking to different people, I leant that Dreamland has changed quite a lot over the years. One of the famous rides is the Scenic Railway and it’s the oldest roller coaster in the UK.

Upstairs in the Ballroom the visitors could enjoy afternoon tea, which looked delicious, and ballroom dancing with a live big band. I really enjoyed listening to this as I have just started to learn the cornet. Everyone looked like they were having a good time and I really think the event was a good event for the over 50s.

Written by Young Reporter, Matilda

We would like to thank Matilda for representing our Young Reporters at this fantastic event. If you are organising a local event and would like one of our Young Reporters or Young Journalists to attend, please get in touch.

Please enjoy Matilda’s gallery from the Silver Sunday event and feel free to share this article with anyone who may be interested.