The Young Leaders team has an important role to play at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate

It is led by the eight-strong team of house captains from Year 6 who have been nominated by teachers and classmates, and who have a range of responsibilities throughout the school.

They have their own action plan which is linked closely to the school’s official action plan that focusses on a range of issues to support the school as it progresses.

There are four houses, each with a boy and girl captain.

They are:- Normans (green) Emily and Owen; Saxons (yellow) Libby and Casper; Romans (red) Elysia and Taylor; and Vikings (blue) Poppy and Lewis.

Poppy explained: “We are encouraged to be role models for the rest of the school,” while Lewis added: “We always demonstrate the Chilton way of doing things.”

Elysia said duties include “collecting and giving out house points for good behaviour and good work,” while Emily said that responsibilities also include “hosting assemblies.”

The team represent all year groups and will discuss important issues with staff to ensure that pupil voice is heard.

Events like cake sales, a pyjama day, and a boot fair are on the agenda that the house captains hope will generate funds to buy pedal go karts for the playground.

Head of School Kate Law said:

“The house captains and the junior leadership team are essential cogs in the running of the school. They take their responsibilities very seriously and they are strong role models for all our pupils.

They develop communication skills, leadership and self-esteem, and are always keen to raise issues with staff who listen and discuss them with them.”