The sport of Kitesurfing took centre stage on Ramsgate Main Sands as the final leg of the BKC Freestyle Tour came to town. Kitesurfers of all ages were involved in the competition and there were free coaching sessions for beginners to experience a taste of this exciting sport.

Kitesurfing is just one of a number of Kite Sports that come under the expert governance of ‘British Kitesports’.

Their official website states…

Kitesurfing or kite boarding is an individual primarily recreational sport. It is conducted on open areas of water, which can be shallow or deep, flat or bumpy, in preferably constant winds between 8 -50knots. The ‘pilot’ aims to fly the kite in a pattern to produce power to pull him/herself along the surface of the water across the wind, following the same basic principles as sailing. There is no motor power involved. The pilot wears a harness to balance his/her weight against the kite. There is no connection between the kite and the board apart from via the pilot.

Youngest competitor, Archie, giving the weekend’s Ramsgate Kitesurfing event a great big, Edu-Life thumbs-up

The event I was covering was the Under 15 Tournament, featuring several of the best young competitors in the country.

After a slow start to the competition, with the wind reluctant to make an appearance, the first competitors eventually took to the water just after midday. The young kitesurfers were really keen to impress the judges as this was the last leg of a four stage competition, the previous stages having taken place at Skegness, Westwood Ho! and Hayling over the past few months.

I met a lovely family from Stratford-upon-Avon who were there to support Archie who, at the tender age of eight, was the youngest competitor in the tournament. Archie took up Kitesurfing last year, having previously enjoyed Kite Landboarding with friends and family. Archie was really looking forward to the competition and clearly loved being in the water. His confidence shone through as the wind started to pick up and the Junior tournament got underway.

The levels of skill and bravery were obvious as several of the youngsters took to the water to impress the judges. As they picked up speed across the water, competitors wowed the spectators that had gathered with jumps, flips and tricks.

Away from the competition, locals and visitors the Ramsgate were able to take part in taster sessions, under the expert guidance of local Instructors from ‘Kite Pirates Kite School’, throughout the day. Beach-goers were also kept occupied with a series of activities surrounding the event, including water safety advice from the Fantastic team at the RNLI and free drinks were on hand from event sponsors, Red Bull.


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