We are delighted to welcome Ben to our team of Young Journalists. Ben is interested in photography and has become the latest addition to this fantastic scheme when he attended the 2018 Margate Carnival.

I worked with Ben when he was a Young Sports Leader at The Marlowe Academy and think he will be a real asset to our team of Young Journalists. We are really looking forward to seeing his various photo galleries in the future.

Here is his first offering … a selection of photos from Margate Carnival. We hope you enjoy them.


Young Journalists‘ is scheme allowing anyone between the ages of 12-25 the opportunity to showcase their talents across our various platforms. We are looking for bloggers, vloggers, writers, photographers, reviewers – basically anyone whose work can be sent in to us digitally.

We will post all content on our website and share across our Social Media platforms in order to maximise any potential audience. All we ask is that the content is positive in nature and that it helps show young people in a good light.

If you are interested in becoming a Young Journalist, simply send your content to [email protected]

If you are between the ages of 5-14, you can join our team of ‘Young Reporters’ bu following the same steps above. All submissions as a Young Reporter are awarded credits for the Kent Children’s University.