You Are My World 


Jo Jo’s School of Dance 

Jo Jo’s School of Dance presented their 6th Biennial school show at the Theatre Royal Margate this weekend ‘You Are My World’ Old Wise George took the audience on an adventure around the world, experiencing different cultures and passions.

Teaching us that there is more to life than materialistic things and Facebook, but what truly matters is simply Love!

All the students took part in this wonderful production, ages ranged from 3 to 60!  There were so many fun moments during the show, which involved a man dressed as a woman doing a Clog dance and Ali G doing a rendition of  ‘I like to Move It’ …absolutely hilarious!

The students performed some beautiful choreography, with such poise and grace, the talent on stage was lovely to see. There were great sketches and narration that helped us follow the story through to the end. 

But most importantly all the children taking part were having so much fun on stage.

The principle of the school, Joanne Robinson commented,

“I’m so very blessed to have such a supportive team of Parents, Licenced Chaperones and dedicated teachers around me that make this show happen. All their time given is really appreciated and I truly couldn’t do it with them. The children shone so brightly and am so proud of all their performances, just brilliant”

At the end of the 4th and final show, thanks were given to everyone involved, students were presented with awards of achievement, and special mentions to students that were leaving to further their careers in dance and education.

So now they have lots of exciting events to plan, a guest appearance in a production this week “When Music Meets Film”; a performance at Drapers Mills Primary School Summer Fair; entertainment for The Mayor’s Ball; Canterbury Song & Dance Festival and finally Margate Carnival on the 5th of August. Busy, busy, busy but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Teacher Courtney went on to say,

“We love to be able to provide our students with so many performance opportunities. It’s great for all those that enjoying performing and a very effective tool for confidence boosting in all our students.”

Thank you, Jo Jo’s School of Dance for this wonderful press release. It’s lovely to read about all the generations working together to put on a performance. To everyone who took part, we hope you are feeling very proud of yourselves – it takes a lot of dedication and practice to appear in a show and nerves can be difficult to overcome. Well done, to each and every one of you!

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