Here at Educational Life CIC we believe children matter.

It’s why we do what we do. Back in 2012, We were heartsick that our local youngsters couldn’t accept praise because they were being scapegoated in the local and national press and it was having a dreadful impact on their self-esteem and development. It gave us great shame to be adults and we knew we had to do something about it…so we did!

It’s why Educational Life CIC only share purely positive news. Why we celebrate the good and outstanding achievements taking place in our community for our young people and by the role models who lead and guide them to make positive decisions or set them back on the right path.

It’s why we’ve created Young Reporters – so our young people can share their views and opinions, unsanctioned and liberated via any mean they feel comfortable using.

It’s why we celebrate World Children’s Day and why we will be posting all day about it – the issues UNICEF and the UN tackle to make the world better for our children; campaign posts; our kids taking over our office and things that matter to us and more importantly, to them.

This is a day for children, by children, all over the world to help save children’s lives, fight for their rights and help them fulfill their potential.

It’s a #KidsTakeOver.

It’s going to be a fun day, with a serious message, when kids ‘take over’ high-visibility roles in media, politics, business, sport and entertainment to shine a light on the most pressing challenges faced by their generation.

Have you seen the remake of P!NK’s song ‘What about us’ by Kids United and PS22? Want a chance to be a part of a global version? Here’s how. Check out the video below. Film yourself doing your signature #WorldChildrensDay move, and share it using the #WorldChildrensDay hashtag. If you’re selected, your moves will be part of the ‘world version’ of this video to be released in December. You’ve got this. Good luck!





We also understand that talking to children about the challenges faced by their peers all over the world can be difficult and uncomfortable. Unicef have put together this pack to make it easier.

What do Unicef and UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child:

UNICEF_WCD_CRC_child-friendly Conventions on the Rights of the Child