The team at Educational Life discuss the importance of a Work/Life Balance

According to my Husband, who is the most opinionated person right now, my poor daughter tried to have a conversation with him about politics, big Mistake!

Anyway, according to him, there is no such thing as the work-life balance, it just doesn’t exist there is not enough time to make everything work.


He can’t be right, can he? I think there needs to be a work, life balance or at least we must try to have one to find our happy, take last week, for example, work and life just didn’t balance;

It was deadline week, the first one we have had in a long time, (due to all the fabulous changes we have made) I was in true work mode, I lost count of the number of 10/12 hour days I did in the office.

Thankfully I have wonderful parents and fabulous teenagers meaning at least the boys were collected from school and had someone with them. As a manager, editor and all round business woman I had it nailed last week, including a fantastic visit to Kent Vision business show at Detling and finally finishing the new look first edition, I’m so excited about it ? Work – sorted! But at what cost, I was tired, stressed and my Kids were seriously playing up.

Unfortunately, as a wife, mother, daughter and friend I completely failed last week. I spent so much time at work I was hardly ever at home, beans on toast for dinner anyone, as mummy hadn’t made it to the shop let alone having time to home cook a healthy balanced meal. image

The washing machine has never had such a long holiday, so much so by Friday everyone had run out of clothes and we were drying boxers by the hair dryer.

The routine and usual daily actions went out the window, so much so bedtime was a nightmare as my children thrive on routine and were somewhat confused.

I try to have lunch with my parents on a Friday as that is my chance to take some time just for me and with my just for me time I like to sit and drink tea and chat with my parents, I had to cancel last week I just didn’t have time for them.

I think my poor best friend has forgotten what I look and sound like as no chance to even drop a text. Life – Failed big time! And I felt miserable about it, I felt like a failure.

Therefore, I do believe that to survive, not feel guilty (because in life there is enough to make us feel guilty, ops that Chocolate bar I ate last night) and not burn out (I’m so tired this week and it’s only Monday!) we need to have some sort of work, life balance.

What’s the point in me nailing the business world if my children have forgotten what I look like?

This week I have it all planned, I’m going to be wonder woman my work and my life will get equal me and the difference is going to be so outstanding my husband will have to concede that I am, as always right.  Yeah, who am I trying to kid, maybe I will just try being me and doing the best I can in all areas, we will as always survive, besides its nearly half term- balance what balance!