Little Alfie Beech was so inspired by the book Ketchup on Your Cornflakes that his took it literally – and tried it for himself.

The Year 2 pupil at Newington Community Junior School in Ramsgate managed two spoonfuls of the savoury tomato and cereal concoction before giving up.

But his determined effort that was featured on the school’s social media output attracted attention from the book’s author and illustrator Nick Sharratt. He Tweeted:

“Oh my goodness! Happy reading Newington.”

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said: “Every term we select an author to expose the children to a variation of books and inspire a love of reading. This term our author is Nick Sharratt.

“Albie was so inspired by Nick’s book that he decided to see what it tasted like. He demonstrated our school’s core values of curiosity and grit and had two mouthfuls before deciding that was enough.

“We thought we would share it with the man himself on Twitter and we were astonished to receive a quick reply.

“We try to use social media as format to engage families, children and the children’s role models. It is an accessible platform and can really inspire the children to learn and achieve.”

And Albie was over the moon with the author’s response to his efforts and it has inspired him to read even more of Nick’s books.