Our Young Reporters’ Editor, Eddie, often gets bored in the office and is always looking for excuses to wander off to visit local schools and community groups. He’s been sneaking out a lot lately but we always seem to find out where he’s been when we see his pictures all over our Social Media pages.

Eddie is usually a really well behaved elephant but he’s been quite naughty lately and keeps disappearing from the office to go and see his friends. He’s really a very friendly elephant and loves meeting new people, but Educational Life needs your help in getting Eddie back to the office where he has a pile of work on his desk that needs doing.

We need your help. If you see Eddie while he’s out on one of his wanders, please let us know. If you manage to take a photo you could even upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag him, mentioning where he was.

Places he’s been seen recently include St Peter’s Junior School, St Laurence Juniors and he even made his way out to the Primary School Cross Country Competition a few weeks ago at Quex Park. Just last week, he was seen at Drapers Mills Primary Academy for a Spring Fair.

If we see that Eddie is tagged in your photos, we will add them to out “Watch Out … Eddie’s About” gallery below.

Please enjoy our gallery of ‘Eddie Sightings’ and feel free to share this article with anyone who may be interested.