Art Attack is Creative Fun

Children and parents enjoyed an art attack afternoon at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs. The creative session saw pupils from Years 3 and 4 and their families explore a range of differing styles, techniques and influences.

The ‘engage workshop’ was coordinated by Year 5 teacher Corinne Hayes who said it was ‘a relaxed and friendly session demonstrating to parents the kind of artwork experienced at Upton.’

Feedback from children and adults was positive, and Miss Hayes added:

“They were given different animals to create with their parent in any way they wished so they could produce artwork together rather than separately.”

A selection of resource materials were laid out on tables for the art teams to choose as they wished.

These included paint, pastels, plasticine, tissue paper, card, feathers, pompoms, ModRoc plaster-impregnated gauze for modelling, and pipe cleaners.

Miss Hayes added:

“The only limit is their own imagination and we saw some very interesting creations. We truly value parental involvement at Upton and realise the importance of providing parents the opportunity to engage with their children’s learning. Such opportunities allow parents to see first-hand the education their children receive and further strengthens the bond between home and school.”

Head of School Darci Arthur said:

“It was a hive of activity as parents and children really set about their creative tasks. The value of these sessions that engage parents in our school cannot be underestimated. We love to have our families visit the school and share their children’s learning experiences where possible.”

Upton Junior School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Chilton Primary School and Ramsgate Free School.

Thank you, Upton Junior School for sending this uplifting news. It is lovely that parents have the opportunity to attend these art sessions and take an active role in their children’s education. We’re sure the children will treasure the memories too!