A Trip to Victorian Ramsgate

Year 4 pupils from St Laurence in Thanet Junior Academy visited Ramsgate harbour and seafront on Tuesday 6th March. They spent time looking for evidence of the Victorian period.

In the churchyard, they searched for Victorian graves. In Ellington Park, they compared how the park has changed since Victorian times and looked at houses that were built in this period.

Down at the harbour, Year 4 visited the obelisk which was erected to commemorate the visit of George IV to Ramsgate. Finally, the year group visited Albion House, where a young Princess Victoria stayed whilst on holiday.

Thank you, St Laurence in Thanet Junior Academy for sending us your press release about your recent history trip. We bet you were excited to learn about all of the monarchs who have loved Ramsgate and the things they did to show us such. King George IV even gave his royal blessing for Ramsgate to be a Royal Harbour. An honour that still stands today.

For more information about the monarchy’s visits and love of Ramsgate, please read the article below from BBC Kent. 

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Before she became Queen, a young princess Victoria spent much of her time visiting Kent mainly staying in Ramsgate and Tunbridge Wells.

Holidays in Ramsgate

Ramsgate was a popular holiday destination with the gentry in the 1800s. Queen Victoria first came to Ramsgate on 15 August 1823 at the age of four with her mother, the Duchess of Kent. They stayed at Townley House in Chatham Street where she was allowed to play with other children and have donkey rides on the beach.

Albion HouseAlbion House

A young Victoria also spent time at Albion House and West Cliff House in Ramsgate. It is said she that disliked the latter but perhaps that’s because legend has it that her beloved pet donkey died there and is buried in the grounds.

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