On Friday 26th October, Broadstairs & St. Peters Chamber of Commerce put on an amazing Halloween Tick or Treat Trail for children aged 0 – 12 throughout the area.

This involved 38 shops in St. Peters and Broadstairs including Budgens, the Co-Op, Malcom’s, Nationwide, Rooks and the Palace Cinema. The event was ticketed meaning only a number of £2 tickets were to be sold to prevent everyone turning up, and for the children to get their fair share of sweets – because that’s really what it’s all about.

Children of all ages dressed up with some exceptional costumes to complete the trail, receiving sweets and even toys from every shop with a pumpkin sticker in the window.  Battling through the wind and rain, the children and their (not so) excited soaked parents rolled up in the masses to each establishment with the promise of goodies.

We took Eddie the elephant along to greet some of the lovely boys and girls, the children were dressed as everything from Toothless the dragon to Mike from Monsters Inc. Not to forget the actually scary demons, devils and deathly grim reapers.  Eddie had such a lovely day getting hugs and high-5’s from everyone who went past even the elderly ladies in parked cars! Expecting sugar-filled treats, Eddie may have been on the healthy vibe and tried to convince some kiddies that we had the worlds smallest pumpkins in our basket (they were apples – his favourite food).

Thank you to Budgens Broadstairs who reserved a spot for our lovely Eddie outside and looked after us while we were there. Please have a look through the gallery below and share with anyone who you think you can see, please tag us into any pictures you have from the day and any pictures you share from the gallery. Thank you!