News from Newington Community Primary School

Graceful and sturdy, elegant and imposing – many and varied types of tree have inspired young artists at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

Children have been practicing watercolour skills including bleeding, spraying and fading to create distinctive and unusual textures.

Ellington Park in the town was the ideal location for the Year 4 group to sketch trees and in particular pupils focused on the differing leaf patterns they found. They also enjoyed making bark rubbings from tree trunks.





Teacher Charles Searle said:

“Once we were back at school from our sketching, the children used all of the painting skills that they had learnt in the morning and applied them to their tree sketches.

We also worked on our own masterpieces based on pictures that the children had created at home that featured their own ‘special place’.  The teachers were very impressed with the art skills on show.”

The artwork will be on show at a special exhibition in school for parents and families during next term.

Chosen art pieces from each year group will also be on display in the My World schools exhibition that is being staged by Margate Rotary Club at Sainsbury’s superstore at Westwood Cross from April 22 to April 28.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said:

“There is an interesting range of creative talent at Newington and our artists always produce vibrant and thought-provoking work.

As well as being proud to display our artwork to our parents and families at our own exhibition, we are keen to support the Margate Rotary Club schools art show that gives a wider platform to young talent from across the district.”

Thanks to Newington Primary School for this wonderful article on your day out exploring the land and the art!

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