We are delighted to present to you The Titanic a story by Educational Life CIC Young Reporter, Jessie.

As the sun peered out behind the clouds, Hanna Abelson woke up to the delightful thought of boarding the amazing Titanic that morning. She skipped merrily down to the docks and saw a tower of metal and steam. It was the Titanic! The passengers were split into different groups: 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class.

Frantically, the groups scrambled on like a herd of wolves who had just seen a deer. Everywhere she looked, there was exited chatter and occasionally she would see a mother clutching her child afraid to say good bye. Unfortunately, Hanna’s mum couldn’t be there to see her go; she was selling the dresses she had made a week ago. But that wasn’t what Hanna was thinking about, she was thinking about the eventful journey ahead of her. She had heard that John Jacob Astor-multi millionaire- was going to be on 1st class just like her!

After a while it was her turn to board the titanic. As she was shown to her suite she passed the most wonderful things. There was lots of new smells: she could smell the fresh air and the blue birds chirped gracefully. She also passed the horrid, dilapidated 3rd class. Finally she was shown to her room. It was just how she imagined it to be: glamorous, intricate and amazingly exquisite. A four post bed stood before her and on the right was a lovely little table for two. Wow, she thought. Outside, there was a private balcony.

The air was fresh and the sea was as calm as a lullaby but something just didn’t seem right…Hanna didn’t care she was having a great time!

It felt amazing to have a break from the busy uneventful life that she was used to. At that moment, she was partying with the movers and shakers of New York!!

An ear-piercing noise filled the boat and horror struck the people like a lightning bolt! After that, the rooms were so silent in shock you could hear a pin drop. Hanna raced up to the top deck and curiously scanned the area for anything that could cause that much panic and noise and that’s when she saw it- a massive ice berg had scraped along the side of the ship! Luckily, Hanna (and everyone else that had decided to board the Titanic) had been told that the Titanic was undoubtedly unsinkable so that took the fear out of Hanna just like a sponge soaking up water. As Hanna journeyed back down the stairs, the captain was telling everyone that the noise was absolutely nothing and that everyone could go back to their amusing activities, but Hanna knew the truth. If the captain lied about that, then who could know what he has lied or will lie about?

An hour or two later, there was another deafening noise but this time it felt worse. Along with the noise, there was a thud. Once again, Hanna raced to the top deck but this time she didn’t dare go past the top of the stairs because she could see ice cascading along the top deck. Now this was bad… “Everyone get your life jackets on and come to the top deck!!” commanded the captain. All passengers obeyed him and were on the top deck in no less than 15 minutes but Hanna realised that the 3rd class wasn’t there. That was very strange. Why was that? She asked herself. 1st class were the first people to get on the life boats but little did they know that not even once did the Titanic crew practice with the life boats! “Gentlemen please step back and let the Ladies on first.” exclaimed the captain. All of the men marched back like an army crew in a row.

The lovely crew members helped the women onto the boat and kindly assured them that their fellow family members would be fine. As Hanna walked passed she overheard two men saying,

The poor 3rd class passengers are trapped in the smoking room, Ha Ha!!”

She backed away before anyone could notice her and rushed down to the 3rd class smoking room. Hanna felt guilty that she was able to be saved but they weren’t. How unfair was that? She found the smoking room and she saw that the two men were right! Hanna tried to bend the gate that was keeping them in but she could only make a small hole. Rhoda- a 3rd class passenger- was the one who was right next to the gap Hanna had made so, Hanna grabbed Rhoda and pulled her out.

What are you doing?” Asked Rhoda.

Ummm saving your life!” Hanna exclaimed in shock.

Hanna could not believe how ungrateful Rhoda sounded. Rhoda, and the other 3rd class passengers, were not aware that the ship was sinking so that was why she was so confused. After that Rhoda said her thanks and ran up to the deck with Hanna.

You need to pretend that you are a 1st class passenger” Hanna told Rhoda “So, do not use contractions ok?”

Ok.” Replied Rhoda. Luckily, they both got on the life boats. All Hanna could see were mothers crying, babies screaming, and people falling off the side of the ship. It was a tragic time for Hanna because she couldn’t be sure if she would ever see her family again and she had never said proper goodbyes to anyone. Slowly, her boat was lowered down into the sea. The air was freezing (it was about -34 !!) Hanna finally knew what it was like to be an ice burg.

The ship sunk like a shadow fading away into darkness, never to be seen again…

By Jessie