We are delighted to present to you A Titanic Story by Educational Life CIC Young Reporter, Eli.

On a Sunday morning, Sarah Astor awoke from her soft, linen bed, laced with golden thread, and slid into her designer slippers. She had awaited this day for many months. She rushed to her walk-in-wardrobe as she had woken a few minutes late. As she got dressed, her father, John Jacob Astor, was putting on his finest suit (and packing a bit last minute). Sarah’s butler had brought down her luggage and taken her father’s too. She let her new high heels shoes clickclock along the marble floor and her butler opened her giant-sized gold plated doors.
Outside waited her a beautifully polished, glossy, black limousine. Carefully, her butler opened the doors to let her and her father in. When she finally arrived to her destination, the doors were opened and she stepped out onto the red velvet carpet, leading to the boat’s opening. She, her luggage, her father and his luggage were taken on board the wondrous vessel and they made themselves at home. As Sarah’s private chefs only made her a bit of food-they were in a rush, her father arranged to take a trip to the Parisien Cafe. She ordered the finest tea and the most crispy, soft, buttered croissant. They made their ways back to their rooms, where their butler’s unpacked and put away their clothes and shoes.
With now a full stomach, they changed into their swimsuits and walked down to the pool. When they arrived, the pool was nearly packed with first class passengers taking a dip. The clear, blue water’s reflection had started to make Sarah’s eyes hurt, she squinted at her father, lifting her arm in front of her eyes, she laughed as her puppy, Fifi the poodle, made her soft, white curls wet by jumping into the dog pool. Little did they know, they had spent the whole day relaxing in the pool and sunbathing on top deck. Tummies grumbling, they dried off, changed, and made their way to the À la Carte restaurant.

There, they had gourmet meals and only the finest, top trained chefs to cook their food. They dined with the movers and shakers of the future and took a look at heir watches: 10:43. They walked back to their rooms, passing the most finely decorated corridors and the iconic Great Staircase. As they walked back, Bruce Ismay and his daughter waved, “Hello there!” “Off to bed!?” “Yes we’re off to bed!” They walked down the halls and there was silence. Click Clock. Click Clock Sarah’s shoes echoed in the deathly silence of the ship.They dressed into night wear and tucked themselves into their four poster beds. Having already drifted off to sleep, they did not notice the boat shivering in the icy cold wind.
The shuddering had become so extreme that it- and a distant moan of, “Wake up! Wake up!” had- obviously- woken Sarah up! She groaned and took a look at the gold-rimmed clock, gleaming in the moonlight, and she read: 02:12. It didn’t take long for her butlers to wake up. They rushed into their rooms and took down a florescent orange and silver life jacket, that was very puffed up, and helped John and Sarah put them on.They were taken outside, shivering as they only had their coats and a life jacket to keep them warm. The wind felt so strong on their perfect faces that Sarah started to freeze. Fifi (and many other first class dogs) were taken by another life boat to be taken back home and kept safe by the butlers. Eventually, after all the panic and rushing, Sarah and John were taken onto a life boat that was equipped with: blankets, towels, seats, bed-like areas and a hood covering only half of the boat, so the rower of the boat could see. Around about now, they had rowed very far away from the sinking ship, gasping every time some one fell off the side of it. The moonlight shone on the deep, dark, blue sea and it seemed to calm down, relaxing Sarah as a tear fell down her cheek. Soft tears kept dancing down her face; it reminded her of her mother and sister, that she had to leave in America, this trip was meant to bring them back together, which it could not.
Days went by, and they where carried over to a shore, where people were sunbathing. Sarah and John climbed out of the life boat, with a hand from their butler’s to help. They set foot on the icing sugar sand that looked like it had just gone through a giant sieve. The sand crunched underneath their shoes as they tried to get to the other side of the beach, this side being covered in lined up palm trees. Many people walked by, as the butler asked “Excuse me, where are we right now?” And no matter how polite he was people would say, “Mars!” “How would I know?” and then finally someone replied “California beach.”
“Mother doesn’t live far from here Daddy!” Sarah shouted, jumping up and down, click-clocking her shoes against the melting concrete. Her butler pulled out his map and looked, he had “Sarah’s
house” marked very close to California beach. When they had figured out the way, yet another Glossy, black limousine pulled up next to them. The butler’s white glove pulled open the door far away from the drivers seat. He gestured Sarah and John to go in. The soft breeze of the air conditioning cooled Sarah down from the boiling rays of sun, beaming in through the one-way windows. Sarah’s flowing dress had many, thick layers that made her cheeks go red from how hot she felt. Butler Wilfred offered Sarah some freshly squeezed orange juice from the cooler. As he poured the juice, Sarah felt more and more thirsty, he topped the juice of with a paper umbrella and hoped that she would enjoy. A few minutes passed and they were assisted to come out of the car. Once again, as she and her father stepped out a red, velvet carpet was rolled leading to their front door. They were now in the private neighbour hood that Sarah grew up in. Butlers opened the doors as Mum appeared, holding Fifi in one arm. Sandy, Sarah’s little sister had come running to the door, wearing the same thing as Sarah but smaller. Sarah ran up the red velvet stairs and hugged her mum and sister. “We missed you so much!”

By Eli