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Two enduring music legends of yesteryear are the inspiration for the latest times table song and video to aid maths learning at Newington Community primary School in Ramsgate.

The famous jazz duets of singers Bing Crosby and Louis Satchmo Armstrong are helping children to ‘take five; as they learn their five times table.

The latest release by music teacher Warwick Eldred is already a hit with pupils and families who can access it on the school’s social media page, You Tube channel and school website.

Mr Eldred, a self-confessed Crosby fanatic, explained:

“I wanted to capture the magic of Bing and Satchmo’s informal, seemingly under-rehearsed live performances.

I roped in Mr Moore to add a touch of class and dance move sophistication, and Miss Bowyer did her best to lead the choreography while simultaneously filming the proceedings. 

The video was shot in one take, with additional close ups, in order to capture the live feel of the duet’s classic television appearances.

Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong enjoyed a professional and personal friendship for the best part of 50 years, in which time they made dozens of TV appearances, records and films.

We hope that our celebration of their style will help inspire a new generation of fans and that our pupils will enjoy the simple hand jiving while singing along and mastering their times tables at home as well as in school.”

This is the eighth original times table songs and Mr Eldred hopes to complete all twelve by September. Others have included musical and visual tributes to Rockney duo Chas and Dave, and punk pioneers The Damned.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said:


”The audio visual productions really help augment the pupils’ learning. They are lively and fun while being educational – and the songs are catchy too.”




Thanks to Newington Community Primary School for this article! It’s always a plus to have fun whilst learning!

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