Our breakfasts are brilliant – that’s the verdict from children at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

An increasing number of pupils in the breakfast club are enjoying starting the day the Newington way with a choice of nutritious, wholesome and tasty food.

A typical breakfast choice may include cereal, porridge, fruit, toast, fruit juice and milk.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said:

“To support our local community we provide breakfast to over 150 children on a daily basis, at heavily subsidised cost, to families who are working or undertaking adult education.

The children love our breakfast club and their families know they are getting a good start to the day in happy and safe surroundings.

Experience shows us that if a child has a balanced and nutritious breakfast their learning potential for the morning session, in particular, is improved – they have more attentive energy and improved concentration.

At Newington we do everything possible to encourage the learning experience and that is not just teaching – we look at all aspects of a child’s day from the moment they arrive until the minute they go home to ensure every aspect of their day is in place to create the right environment for them to enjoy their school experience.

What we do shapes their lives and our communities for years to come so take great care to get it right.”

As part of the club, the pupils have the chance to play with a range of educational toys with a different focus on different games each day.

Outside the dining hall, the club also includes classroom breakfast for pupils who are doing extra Maths at the start of the day.

The school also runs a series of after-school clubs with a broad range of subjects and activities to broaden its pupils’ learning.

Thank you, Newington Community Primary School, for sending us your press release to share with our community.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day because it kick starts our metabolism and helps our brains to focus and concentrate – it’s great to see your school doing everything they can to ensure students are ready for each day of learning!