Educational Life teaches you How to Make a Cup of Tea

You’re preparing yourself for the new school year. You’ve laid your uniform out (hopefully neatly on hangers and not on the floor), made sure your pencil case is fully equipped and your school bag has everything in it. Maybe you’ve set your alarm and are beginning to get back into routine with early nights and making sure you have breakfast in the morning, instead of running out of the door for the bus, hair on end. Maybe not.

What I am certain of is this, that someone who loves you has spent the summer holidays looking after you and trying their very best to keep you busy and entertained – to make it memorable and as fun as possible. That person, those people, may be glad you’re going back to school to your friends, but they are going to miss you being under their feet and eating them out of house and home.

To say thank you why don’t you do something, seemingly small, by making them a cup of tea. Next time you’re in the kitchen with them, why don’t you offer to make them a cup of tea.

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH! This seemed like a really great idea – a lovely post with good intentions and a quick blog to write (see crossed out text below) However, health and safety and political correctness mean that we’ve changed our minds!


If you decide to follow our tea making steps then please be aware that we accept no liability for any injuries!

So if you don’t own a hard hat or a hazmat suit then please choose our alternative thank yous…

Take them to a local coffee shop or even better, please, please, make a card, write a letter, or draw a picture – just something to say thank you and show you love someone and with a shorter risk assessment with less health and safety risks!