The Alarm Clock

I’m intrigued. What type of person are you? I don’t just mean whether you’re a morning person. Oh no! I mean what type of morning alarm clock person are you.

I don’t know about you but I’m a one alarm kinda gal. Sometimes I wake up before it goes off and I very rarely press snooze.

Now, this does not mean that I am full of the joys of springs first thing or happy about having to be an adult and get out of the cocoon duvet, but neither am I a grumpy, unapproachable person who needs hours to be able to face civilisation! I am happy with my routine and able to face the world.

My other half is the complete opposite though and it mangles my serene morning, shatters my peace and is not conducive to my zen, man! This does not make for a joyful morning.

The man needs multiple [upwards of eight] alarms that start going off a couple of hours before he is due to actually place a toe on the cold wood floor.

Now, I understand the desire for a cheeky snooze tap – we’ve all thought “Oh it’s just five more minutes!” or even the strategy of placing alarm clocks on the other side of the room to make you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. Please someone, for the love of all that is rainbows and fairy dust, explain what is remotely restful about the cacophony of different alarms going off…for hours on end?!

Does it matter? No. In the grand scheme of things we go to the jobs we love one way or another [even if it is in robot-esque silence!] It doesn’t prevent me falling to sleep earlier so that my system isn’t shocked awake as if I’ve just eaten a ‘toxic waste’ sour sweet [remember those? oooheeee! They were soooo sour!]

Perhaps you’re reading this and cursing us because your little bundle of joy woke you up by shoving a tiny digit up your nostril and a foot in your throat as they wriggle all over you!

Perhaps you had little to no sleep at all because your cherub doesn’t understand the concept of sleeping at night fullstop. Perhaps you have a fur baby who heard the tiniest of noises and thought it was their duty to wake you and your neighbours up by barking incessently and intermittently pawing at or licking your face until you couldn’t bear to pretend to be asleep any longer!

The long and short of it…who really wants to get out of bed?!

But if you love waking up with the larks, can jump out of your pit to go run/swim/cycle [insert energetic, strenuous activity here] then I envy/hate you. I love mornings – but not that much!