Thanet Over Fifties Forum hosted its latest meeting on Wednesday 25th September at Margate Baptist Church. The topic was “A Crisis in Social Care” and Dot Gibson, Deputy General Secretary for the National Pensioners Convention, was keynote speaker.

Dot gave a fascinating insight into the history of post-war social care and how the system has deteriorated over the years. This year, the King’s Fund, an independent charity working to improve health and care in England, said that “the . . . system is not fit for purpose and is failing the people who rely on it”.  Over the past 20 years, there have been over 30 commissions who have all reported the same findings, but their recommendations have so far been ignored by the government.

NPC believes that the same as health care, social care should be free at the point of delivery and the costs shared by society through taxation. Currently, 40,000 people are losing their family homes every year to pay for social care and there is no cap on how much they pay towards the cost out of the proceeds from their homes.

NPC are calling for the people of East Kent to join them so that they can strengthen their campaigns to improve the lives of pensioners, e.g. through social care or accessible transport. For more information visit the NPC website at, telephone 020 7837 6622 or email [email protected]

The next TOFFs public meeting is on Fri 15th November 2019 from 10.30am to 12.30pm at Queens Road Baptist Church, Broadstairs, CT10 1NU. It will be a question & answer session with Sir Roger Gale, MP for North Thanet and Craig Mackinlay, MP for South Thanet.

You can find out more about TOFFs and how you can join for free by calling 01843 609337, emailing [email protected]k or visiting the TOFFs on Facebook: @ThanetOverFifties.