Teamwork, Fun and Adventure from Dusk ‘til Dawn for Northbourne Park School Pupils

May 2017

From dusk ‘til dawn across two weekends in May, senior and intermediate pupils at Northbourne Park School took part in the annual overnight camps.

This event is a real highlight every year for the children as it allows them to put all the skills they have learnt from leadership lessons to the test. The challenge is to build a shelter from natural resources and spend the night in it.

The camp building encourages team work as the shelters are usually shared between 3 to 6 children.  During the evening the children take part in a variety of activities including a relay style activity where they have to complete 5 different activities as fast as possible testing their dexterity, teamwork and hand-eye co-ordination.

In the evening they feast on BBQ style food and build their own campfires to cook marshmallows and hot chocolate.  The children then crawl into their sleeping bags in their shelters for the night.  In the morning they cook breakfast on an open fire of eggs, bacon, sausages and bread.

The Senior camp concluded on the Sunday morning with the school Chaplain holding a Sylvan Service of communion for all the children and their families.

Head of Outdoor Education Priscilla Smith “If you could distil the essence of childhood into a single activity, it would probably be den building.  This is possibly one of the most popular activities at Northbourne Park School as it gives children one of the most exciting nights of their childhood and gives them great memories to remember forever.”