If you ask any Rugby Player how they first became involved in the game and the reply will probably be ‘Tag Rugby’. This fantastic form of the game is aimed at Primary School Students and is a great way to introduce Rugby to boys and girls.


What is Tag Rugby?

The England Rugby website best describes Tag Rugby…

Tag rugby is a non-contact, fast-moving game that is suitable for adults or children, and for boys and girls to play together. Its safe, non-contact nature, combined with the fun and liveliness of the sport, means that tag rugby is now the RFU’s official version of the game for under 7s and under 8s.

The game incorporates most of the skills required in the full game but places a far higher emphasis upon safety.

Instead of the full-contact tackling involved in the full game, Tag Rugby encourages safe ‘tackling’ by using ‘tags’ that are attached to players waist-bands. Opposing players must remove these tags in order to tackle the player in possession of the ball. Once tackled, the player in possession of the ball must pass it to a team member.

In addition to making this a non-contact form of ‘tackling’ this also helps prepare the young players for the techniques required as they go on to play the full version when they are older.

The seven-a-side teams are mixed, with at least three boys and three girls on the pitch at any one time.

Teams win games by scoring more ‘tries’ than their opponents. There is no kicking in this form of the game.



I recently attended the Canterbury Tag Rugby Festival that had been organised by the Canterbury Academy Sports Partnership.

Hosted at Canterbury RFC, the festival featured teams from Primary Schools around the Canterbury area.

All of the participants really enjoyed the day and the competitive element of the sport was clearly evident.

Games were played with fantastic spirit, skill and determination and all of the youngsters involved were a credit to their schools.

At the end of the festival, St Peter’s School were awarded the ‘Fair Play Award’ and, although these festivals are about participation rather that results, special mention must go to Canterbury Primary School who played exceptionally throughout the day.

Please take a look through our gallery of the Canterbury Tag Rugby Festival and feel free to share this article with anyone who may be interested.