Everyone loves a good Disney song and I’m no exception. So when I heard that Newington CPS were putting on a Disney Gala Concert this evening (Wed 18/10) I jumped at the chance to attend. I was not disappointed. What a fantastic, heartwarming evening’s entertainment.

Real-life Disney Princesses spotted in the audience

The Gala Concert was not only thoroughly entertaining, but also very informative, with readings between songs from pupils telling the story of how the great man himself, Walt Disney, created his legacy.

The songs were absolutely amazing, with what seemed like an endless number of young singers performing excellent renditions of Disney Classics to the packed hall. I even spotted some real-life Disney Princesses in the audience

I was transported back to my own childhood with all my favourites from films like ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Mary Poppins’ featuring and it would appear I was not alone. Throughout the audience I saw parents and visitors mouthing along to the songs and it seems they couldn’t help but give a little synchronised ‘bounce’ during the chorus of Supercalifragi …… you know the one.

The children at the Concert were fantastic and performed throughout with smiles on their faces. These smiles were only matched by the looks of pride in the faces of their teachers, parents and guests. I believe there was also an odd tear shed, but I really wouldn’t want to embarrass head-teacher, Mr Stokes.

I left the school with a spring in my step and was happily oblivious to the funny looks I was receiving from others as I walked home whistling ‘Bare Necessities’. When it comes to Disney, does anyone really care?

I would like to thank the school for inviting me to this wonderful evening but, most of all, I’d like to thank the children performing for reminding me that Disney’s magic isn’t just for youngsters.

Please enjoy the gallery below and feel free to share this story with those that were there.