Sunflower Reviews…

No… this is not me. I wish it were… I have a couple of favourite spots to read in but I’m sure I don’t look as graceful as this, particularly as I raise the vase I drink my coffee from to my lips…

In so many of my blogs I tell you all that I’m a book dragon. It’s true, I am a voracious reader. I average 20 books a month and choose to stick my nose in a book instead of watching television. I am not fussy. Sure, I go through cycles of preferring genres, but I pick up anything from any genre. Favourites? Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopian Drama, Classics and Children’s Literature. But it seems ridiculous to tell you this and not actually do anything with it… why don’t I share my reviews with you? Why haven’t I been doing that already?!

Well to be honest, my blogs just started as a journal. A stream of consciousness about things that were topical to me at that time but I realised that structuring them like that can be a double-edged sword. They’re very real and honest, but I’m also reticent to share them. Well what’s the point in writing them in the first place then? I discussed this with the team and all of them (literally) urged me to share my recommendations because they could be useful to you. So I guess this is me saying I won’t always get in right. One of the joys of reading is that stories are so subjective. One person’s “I couldn’t put it down!” is another person’s “Eurgh, I couldn’t get into it!” so no hate, please. 

Equally, if you disagree with my review, I would welcome an opposing viewpoint. Perhaps I’ve not given it my full attention or missed something? Maybe when it’s deconstructed a new joy can be found within the lines? After all, we grow and change. Our tastes develop and our experiences shape us. Someone else’s passion for a book can be contagious; a teacher or friend can share an insight with us that we’d missed on our own. Historical context can completely change the tone of a narrative and transform our relationship with a character.

A reading nook I found during a recent trip to Bali…
It was love at first sight!

I will always try to find positives in my review – someone has worked tirelessly to produce a book that they hope others will love and it is a very personal thing – to share your creative ideas with others. That being said, I do have one condition though. I will not say a book was outstanding unless I really felt it was. That way you know that if give a book a 5 star review, you know it is genuine.

I would love for the sunflower reviews to be interactive. Please email me your thoughts and views to

Reading is both a private endeavour and a conversation starter for groups. Let’s be honest the communal aspect can be lost at times, but it’s where books originated from. Our cannon found its origin through sharing stories via word of mouth, so I welcome open discussion. 

Review Ratings

҉  This is my symbol – what can I say, I couldn’t find a star I liked and this is a mixture of a flower and a sun. Everyone is a winner. Unless you don’t get a sun flower. Then you are not a winner and the book is no longer on my shelf.

҉҉҉҉҉ Outstanding

Anna speak for “You need to buy, beg, borrow (from your library) or trade a copy.” (See what I did there? Stealing is never okay kids.)  It also means that I would read it again, am anticipating the next instalment from the series or would add it to my Christmas Wish List. It may have had a profound message that I found myself returning to long after the book was closed. I recommend.

҉҉҉҉ – Very Good

I enjoyed it and you should read it! I couldn’t put it down.  I slowed down as I neared the end because I didn’t want it to finish. A particular character/message resonated with me. I would read more of the author’s work. I recommend.

҉҉҉ Average

It was a pleasant way to pass the time, but it was a little predictable or doesn’t have any particularly memorable moments. wouldn’t buy someone a copy or shout about it from the rooftops.

҉҉ – It’s Readable but Not Ground Breaking

I was happy to put it down to do the housework and cook dinner. There’s a high chance I could read this in a year and not realise I’ve read it before.

 ҉ – That’s Time I’m Never Getting Back!

Not my cup of tea. Rubbish ending, unable to connect with the characters or just a huge waste of time. Don’t bother.

I will also add the Amazon links to any and all books that I review. That way, should you be far from a library or want to buy a copy as a gift for someone you can find it easily. None of the reviews will be sponsored, but I’ll be honest, if you purchase the item from clicking our link we will receive a donation. Thank you in advance because it is little acts like that, that make a small but mighty difference to Educational Life CIC. We rely on donations and advertising sales to run… Totally understand that this is also helpful with Christmas coming up.

If you’d like a review of something and I haven’t shared my views, please let me know.