Today is the first day of the summer holidays, though the youngest isn’t grasping that idea yet, he is convinced that having finished in reception yesterday, he is starting year one today, not a clue about the long six weeks that lay ahead.

Six weeks that is set to be our busiest in business ever… no time for our annual shut the office for a jolly week off, our diaries are chocka.

How am I supposed to manage that with small boys at home and a requirement to complete all the summer challenges and events that are going on.

The next six weeks are planned, scheduled and colour coded to the minute, I will get all the work done, attend all the important meetings, grow and develop the business, allow my children ‘family and fun’ time, allow them a chance to compete in all the summer challenges from Kent Children’s University, and the school challenges and allow them and me some much-needed down time.

I am very lucky to have older children who help with babysitting, trips to the beach and entertaining the boys, I also have amazing parents who are my biggest supporters in everything I do and step up above and beyond to help and support.

I must also face the realisation that my middle son, who is making that transition from primary to secondary is not so little anymore and needs to be let off the rein a bit this summer. That conversation was had last night when he returned home from a friend’s house after the little ones had gone to bed and is planning his own life, now securely attached to his mobile phone, growing up way too fast!

I must also be grateful to live so close to the beach – this perfect, cheap entertainment venue that is right on our doorstep. I am pretty sure that when my children are at home with the elders and I am slaving away at work they will actually be having a marvellous time on the beach, as they are today.

If you see me in September looking slightly more frazzled and less recuperated than perhaps I should be, please bear in mind I have been trying to play Wonder Woman all summer and I might be a little tired, but trust me my children and business will have had a cracking summer.

Note to self: in all this fun and business building don’t forget to purchase the new school uniforms.