It’s story time again with our very own Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop as she continues to read Pongwiffy.

Chapter 6 Part 1

This week’s Story Time finds Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop reading the first part of Chapter 6 “Scott Sinister”

You Make Magic With Your Words

This chapter is extra special because we learn the way that witches spell things. It’s very similar to the way you are taught to read now! Here’s a picture so you can see what Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop shows you during the video. Even though the words aren’t spelt correctly, Eleanora reads them properly. How? Is this her magic?

No! It’s because Pongwiffy has spelt the words the way they sound when they are said out loud. The word we use to describe this is “phonetically” which means that we spell or read words by breaking them down into syllables and sounding them out. How can you remember this new word and add it to your daily vocabulary? “phone” means sound and we use phones to listen to calls. “I am learning to spell phonetically”

English is not a phonetic language. You are learning how to spell and how to say things by using phonetics, but the word is still spelt incorrectly because the way our words are constructed.

Let’s look at the picture. Can you see where it says what Sludgegooey’s act is?

“Sludgegooey: Impreshuns

If you say it out loud we know what act Sludgegooey is doing! She is going to be pretending to be other people because she is doing impressions! But we spell it differently to how it sounds… phonetically!

Have a great week, everyone! Enjoy practicing your phonetics and I’ll see you next week for part 2 of chapter 6!