To celebrate Roald Dahl Day we introduced our resident story-teller, Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop and she recorded one of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes “The Three Little Pigs”.

To watch the video, please follow the link to the Educational Life YouTube channel below.

13th September 2017 – Roald Dahl Day

Eleanora is new to videos but is enthusiastic and eager to learn – we’re all learning and it will be gratifying to see her progress. Are you learning something new? It can be quite difficult, can’t it? But practice makes perfect.


Where Does Eleanora Come From and Why is She Here?

Eleanora is from the star Panegyrical. Her home star is many, many light years away and is set between the stars of Molar and Duvet. You might know them because it’s where the Tooth Fairies and the Bed Bugs live! The Panegyrics are Guardians of Earth and really enjoy watching what we get up to, our adventures and making sure that we are all safe and happy. They have one job, to make sure that the young people of earth have enough imagination and stories. Just recently the Panegyrics have noticed that the imagination bowl has been running very low. To make things better, they have sent Eleanora to Earth to read to us and to spark our imaginations.

Please be kind to her. Eleanora is new here and she is far from home so things are very strange to her and she gets quite homesick. Educational Life has asked if she can record her reading for you so that you can watch them at any time. What’s your favourite story? Would you like Eleanora to read them for you?

A Few Facts About Eleanora:

What’s Your Full Name? Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop – just like that, I don’t like it shortened.

How Old Are You? Oh goodness me! That’s a personal question! I’m very young for a Panegyric but I guess I would be a teenager to you here on Earth.

What’s Your Favourite Colour? Oh! I love them all! They all make me very happy!

What Music Do You Like? Hmm my favourite band are the Snefering Sneferus they play the giggles and the chuckles. Oh! Do you mean Earth music? I haven’t heard much, but I like it if it makes me move and dance!

Who is Your Best Friend? I don’t have many friends here at the moment. I am sure I will make some though. Eddie has been very nice to me though.

Welcome to Earth and to our team here at Educational Life, Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop!

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