Primary School pupils from around Thanet have been showing off their skills today (Thursday) at the area’s annual Sports Stacking Tournament.

The tournament, organised by Thanet PASSPORT, was hosted by St Laurence-in-Thanet CofE Junior School in Ramsgate.

Now, when I first heard of Sports Stacking several years ago, I wondered what all the fuss was about. Then I tried it myself and, quite frankly, I was useless. Believe me, this is an activity that requires a huge level of concentration, patience, hand/eye coordination and practice. A quick search on YouTube will soon bring up numerous World Record attempts and they are unbelievably quick and skillful.

Gary Rees, from Thanet PASSPORT, expertly demonstrating Sports Stacking to the young competitors

The aim of the sport, as the name loosely suggests, is to stack a number of specially designed cups in a very specific order and pattern. The cups are then returned to their original positions. All of this is performed against the clock.

I was mesmerised by the level of skill the schoolchildren displayed as they competed against the clock to register points for their schools. The practice tables were busy throughout the afternoon with young competitors fine-tuning their techniques prior to entering the central ‘arena’ for their timed attempts.

The other thing that really impressed me throughout the afternoon was the enthusiasm of everyone competing – there was a real buzz around the hall from start to finish.

I had the opportunity to chat to quite a few of the competitors throughout the afternoon and several offered me tips and advice to help me out. Unfortunately, I left the event as useless as when I arrived, but I do thank my  young ‘coaches’ for trying to teach an old dog new tricks.

I would like to thank Gary Rees from Thanet PASSPORT for inviting me along to this event and look forward to the next one.

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