On Friday 1st December, Year 4 pupils from St Laurence Junior School set up and ran their own museum, exhibiting artefacts they had found at their recent archaeological dig, where they explored two pits on the school playing fields.

Not only had they learnt how to be budding archaeologists for the day, but how to carefully remove, record, identify and exhibit a range of artefacts. They carefully labelled and presented their finds, then exhibited many pieces of their follow up work.

This included carefully prepared written recounts, Anglo Saxon invasion news reports, Anglo Saxon houses made from cardboard and straw and PowerPoint presentations on famous digs in history, to name just a few.

Many parents, carers and families visited during the afternoon, where the children acted as curators, showing off their hard work from the last term. A wonderful afternoon spent celebrating and sharing year 4s hard work. Next term, Vikings and Volcanoes, watch this space!

Congratulations to everyone involved in this fantastic project, we are looking forward to hearing more about it and finding out what your next venture will be.

Please take a look at the following photos that Mr Milligan kindly sent us with this reportĀ  and feel free to share this article with anyone who may be interested.