Eggciting Magic and Mystery Week

By St Laurence Junior Academy pupils, Keira Lawrence and Kacey Richardson.

The week commencing 13th March, was an exciting week for the pupils of St Laurence Junior Academy (Ramsgate)-who were enthralled by a series of events for Magic and Mystery week

It all began when a ‘mysterious’ object appeared on the school field, causing the fire bell to ring. Pupils and staff were evacuated on to the playground; their safety was paramount. After Mr Jeremy Gorham (Site Manager) had performed a thorough investigation of the site, he discovered a bizarre, egg-like object near the pond. He then informed Mrs Palmer (Head Teacher), that there was no danger to the children and they were permitted to go and examine the site. All the pupils in the school used this event to write some creative stories, newspaper reports and create films of the event.

“I was so excited! I had never seen such a large egg before!” exclaimed a year 3 pupil.

Not only did this happen, but additionally, all classes completed some ‘magic’ science activities. Year 6 made ‘Cartesian Divers’ which they thought were magical because when Mrs Ellis squeezed the bottle, the pen lid inside sank to the bottom and rose back up when she released it. As well as this, every class had an Astrodome experience, where they took a voyage to the stars.

“I thought it was very dark and quite scary to begin with. I liked the landing on the moon part because I was born that year.” explained Mrs Wilmshurst.

Mr Gorham gave us the opportunity to watch a fantastic magic show (performed by him) with lots of astonishing tricks. Children were amazed that he could draw a cross on his hand with a sharpie, rub it off and blow it on to a volunteer’s hand! He also taught the children how to amaze their parents with other mind-blowing acts.