Wednesday 22nd May was an amazing day for St Laurence in Thanet Year 4. The Pioneering Places Project through Turner Contemporary organised a trip to London on the high-speed train to the Tate Modern. An Art Historian showed Year 4 around the gallery. They had a wonderful time exploring the sculptures by Franz West and many of the other fabulous works of art displayed in the former power station. Here are some comments from the Year 4 children:

Lucas “In London we had a lot of fun, we looked at pictures that represented a word. The buildings were weirdly shaped, but kind of cool.”

Willow “In the gallery we saw a massive colour changing picture! We really liked it!”

Deanna “This was amazing for us all!”

Mrs. Catto and Mr. Spencer were particularly impressed with the children’s questions, responses and their impeccable behaviour throughout the day.

What an absolutely amazing day out you had, we love the way you have described your day, especially how the buildings were shaped. Did you enjoy the trip on the high-speed train?