It seemed a fitting if not poignant tribute to Stephen Hawking that St Joseph’s Primary School Broadstairs celebrated National Science Week 2018 in the week of his passing.

Our 210 pupils from Reception to Year 6 pupils participated in a range of STEM activities during the week where hands-on workshops, talks from visiting scientists and off-site visits formed a backdrop to a celebration of a world that Stephen Hawking did much to open up to children with his inspiring scientific achievements in the face of great adversity.

A true banquet of STEM riches was on offer throughout the week with the highlight for many being a visit to an inflatable astrodome in the school hall where all our juniors voyaged to the outer reaches of the solar system learning about stars, planets and black holes courtesy of the University of Kent’s Physics department.

Back to Earth, our pupils had talks from Mr Ollason from Pfizer whose gadgets demonstrated the innovations that are taking place at the interface of technology and medicine. Other speakers throughout the week included Dr Howard and Mr Bigginton who gave presentations on the science behind medicine transportation and fires respectively.

A busy schedule for all the classes also saw trips out on beach and woods safaris, a session on the art of camouflage and periscope making with The Royal Engineers Museum and a glider making challenge as part of the RAF Cosford National Fly to the Line competition.

Mention must also go to Zak, Sienna, Oliver and Scarlett who kick-started Science Week in such grand style by coming second in the annual St Lawrence College Science and Engineering challenge. Demonstrating prowess, knowledge and practical prowess in a range of tasks, the team won £100 for the School and a £10 token each.

STEM is an increasingly important part of the curriculum with its harnessing of the key skillset of analysis, observation, recording and creativity of thought. The type of activities offered throughout the week provided an additional learning platform for all our learners to explore this topic in a true spirit of inquiry and teamwork; we hope that we did justice to the desire of Stephen Hawking to be inclusive and curious!

Thank you St Joseph’s for this very interesting article about what happened at your school during Science week, it seems like you all had a fabulous time