St Ethelbert’s Sweatember Success!

This September, as four members of staff at St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School, we decided to take part in the ‘Sweatember Challenge’ in order to raise money for Cancer Research – a charity close to all our hearts.  

This challenge involved having to take part in any ‘sweaty’ exercise, every day for the whole month of September.  We knew it would be tough but we were determined to give it a go and each started a Fundraising Page to see how much money we could raise.  

We took part in a variety of different activities including running, cycling, yoga, High Intensity Interval Training, JustDance routines, Clubbercise and lots of legs, abs and arm workouts! Some we did together and others we did on our own, and we were also lucky to have some other staff from the school supporting us by joining in with some activities. We also took part in a Military Fitness Academy session with Mr Hill which was hard work!

We got the children involved at school by holding assemblies and getting them to join in with our lunch time workouts each week. We also had an ‘Own Clothes Day’ at the school and baked cakes to sell to the staff to raise as much money as we could.

We all managed to complete the challenge but the best news was when we found out we had raised over £1000 for Cancer Research! What a great achievement!


By, Vicky Rees, Sam Saunders, Louise Hill and Claire Tyler.

Thank you for sharing your news with us Vicky, Sam, Louise and Claire! What a terrific way to represent your school and to make a difference. Involving the students was a lovely touch and were sure they were as inspired as we are… they may even miss your lunch time work outs!  It showed dedication and perseverance, we’re sure there were many days that you were tired or didn’t feel like working out, but you’d made a promise and stuck to it. Well done!

Did you notice an improvement to your health and wellbeing over the month?