Children and staff at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate had spots before their eyes all day on Friday.

As part of their non-uniform day to raise money for the annual Children in Need charity appeal, adults and pupils donned an array of spot-themed colourful outfits.

Many wore Pudsey Bear tee shirts, onesies, and bandanas. Others had their faces painted and daubed with large spots, and there were plenty of leisure clothes adorned with crazy designs and colourful spots.

Children also had the chance for a photo memory of the day and posed with Newington’s Pudsey picture frame.

The event raised £500 for the charity and teacher Sarah Groves, the school’s charity co-ordinator, said: “I cannot thank the children, families and staff who all got right behind the appeal to raise a significant amount of money for charity.”

Newington charity co-ordinator and teacher Sarah Groves with Pudsey fans

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes praised the school’s effort. He said: “This charity is all about supporting children with a wide variety of needs.

“It is very dear to our hearts at Newington and once again the response has been what I would have expected – generous and heartfelt.

“As well as having fun on Children in Need day, our boys and girls are reminded of a valuable lesson that it is important to support those locally and worldwide who lead poorer lives than they do.”