Hi everyone, it’s a short one today (I hear that hopeful intake of breath!) I’m due to jet off on my next adventure and thought I’d just stick my head above the parapet about a couple of bits. Mainly because I’ve had a grim tummy bug the last couple of days and feel somewhat out sync, but also because I’ve been looking for a holiday read (or 12) and have felt utterly uninspired.

Oddly, only a couple of books that I’ve devoured lately have really registered in my psyche and certainly none of them have had an earth-shattering effect on me. However, (you’ll need to stand by your beds for this one) a tv series has. I know, I know, me? Watching tv? Why yes, in fact, I was so enthralled by it that I needed to finish the whole series straight away.

What series? “Sharp Objects” adapted from a book written by (the marvellous) Gillian Flynn. Yes, the author of “Girl on the Train” and let me tell you, it had me hooked from the first episode all the way, until the end credits stopped rolling… and trust me, you need to watch to the end of the credits. Marvel fans will appreciate the importance of this, but let’s be honest, how many of us really sit through the end of credits, especially if you’re like me and tend to pre-record the programmes you watch. This was not an ‘ironing programme’. I had to sit and watch it with a cuppa and my dog laying on my feet. It as compulsive, it was gripping and Amy Adams was sensational in it. I did not predict the end and once it finished I had to talk to people about it. I could not hold my enthusiasm in.

I must warn you though that it is not light viewing. It tackles difficult and dark topics like alcoholism, self harm and sexual abuse. It is not for children. It handled all of those problematic issues with honesty, delicacy and a refreshing frankness which found me applauding the producers upon completion. I cannot say more without spoiling the series for you, but if there is one series that you absolutely must watch, it’s Sharp Objects. Go, now. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Other news I enjoyed Wheels and Fins festival, I danced away with my best friend and can honestly say, Dave and the team should be proud. The sound quality was excellent. I loved Sister Bliss’ DJ set (hello remix of Tears for Fears ‘Shout’) and marvelled that everyone dancing was doing just that, enjoying the music. Mobile phones were few and far between as people moved to the beat and had a wonderful time…because Sister Bliss was clearly loving it herself. There is something special about watching an artist that you love, loving what they’re doing. Like a great big circle of love and appreciation. It may be generational, but other artists I watched were subjected to a crowd of phone screens. I often wonder what it must look like from the stage…can they see the phones, do they feel like they’re trapped in some sci-fi moment where people’s faces have merged into technology or do they crave the extra exposure?

My favourite moment was the blunt force trauma one man caused himself. The chap was having such a terrific time that he promptly fell backwards from his pedestal, haybale and lay on the floor asleep or with a mild concussion. Whilst concert goers discussed whether to leave him to nap or check for a pulse he began smiling…so we left him to it. Fifteen minutes later he proceeded to jump up and shout compliments at people. Just wonderful. Not a profanity escaped his lips – only kindness.

Any way, I’m off… I shan’t bore you with where I’m going… I’m going to save that for my next instalment. I’m sure it will be full of entertaining anecdotes and I hope, beautiful photos. I intend to whisper compliments at people from a distance and spread smiles and love – make the most of it and if I start to grumble I shall unceremoniously throw myself backwards off my hay bale and sort myself out!