We’ve had a wonderful few days playing board games during our Screen Free Week time.

Today we’re going to do something else – if you’re looking for activities please take a look at our Educational Life Facebook Page event for ideas and downloadable content Screen Free Week Resources

So far it’s been wonderful but it has taken some getting used to. How are you finding it?

Have a fab day everyone!

We asked John why his favourite game is Monopoly and he said,

It’s my favourite game…by far. Why? Power. I think you need to be good with numbers to play the game properly and win. In our house we have 18 variations of the game.

Particular favourites are:

Definitley the local one,

The Canterbury Edition (shout out to Dynamix Accountants who sponsored the edition);

Tropical Tycoon one which is an interactive one with a DVD and everything happens on screen.

A really modern edition is the Here and Now version, which is the one with the card machine… there’s no paper money. Everything is done by card which makes it so much easier because you don’t have to fiddle about with the money and stops the arguments about who is going to be banker.


Other office favourites are  Scrabble Twickster and Trivial Pursuit Disney Edition – they’re great ways to spend time together as a family and they teach you about your own character! Anna knows that she is a terrible loser… not her proudest character attribute but honest. To the point, she actually hasn’t played Monopoly for over a decade!

How about you? Do you get really competitive when you’re playing board games?

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