Royal Harbour Academy Creative Writing Competition 

In February, pupils from years 7 and 8 took part in a Royal Harbour Academy  creative writing competition. Year 7 had to write a description of a meal, inspired by Nigel Slater’s novel, Toast. Year 8 were to write the first chapter of a sequel to the novel they had been reading in class, Robert Swindells’ Stone Cold.

Many students entered the competition, despite having to write in their own free time, and the competition was fierce. Unbeknownst to the pupils, the English department had managed to persuade the famous author, Michael Rosen, to judge the entries.

After much deliberation, Michael chose Leo Winter from year 7 and Lewis Dennis from year 8 as the winners, each receiving a signed copy of one of his books and the hope that they continue with their creative writing.

Creative Writing Competition – The Beaney Museum, Canterbury

Members of Miss Dutton’s year 7 and 8 classes were entered into a creative writing competition devised by The Beaney Museum in Canterbury. Pupils had to write about a dream they had and who they would like to give it to. Louise Haupt from Year 7 was a runner-up in the competition, writing about her dream for a homeless woman to find a better life. This heartfelt and sensitive story won her a box set of Roald Dahl’s books and her name will also appear in the Canterbury Gazette with the winners.

Thank you to The Royal Harbour Academy for sending us your first press release and congratulations to everyone who entered the competitions! 

Creative writing is a skill and a tool that can bring immeasurable pleasure and enjoyment, but it can also be transformative for the writer and those who read it. We’re sure that you can name a book, a quote or something that resonated with you – that’s the power of words and language. It is a way to relate and explore things that we may struggle with or just to escape and live in an imaginary world for the duration of the text.

We’d like to extend a special congratulations to Leo, Lewis and Louise for their creativity and hard work. We’d love to read and publish your work as part of our Young Reporters project, please get in touch if you’re interested!

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