The Rotary Technology Tournament was organised the the Rotary Club of Strood with the support of the Royal Engineers Museum. Rotarians from several clubs in the Medway and Maidstone areas combined to Judge and steward the event. 

Five schools competed:

Westlands of Sittingbourne

Rochester Grammar

Rainham School for girls

Northfleet School for girls

The Leigh UTC of Dartford

The Task – A train carrying ‘hazardous chemicals’ has been derailed. The Task is to design, build and test a crane so that the chemical container may be recovered from a safe working distance. The container will be positioned in a cylindrical open topped derailed ‘rail truck’. From a distance of 800mm, with a magnetic hook attached, the crane must be pushed into position and the container lifted up by the crane. The crane must lift up the container clear of the truck and then reverse away from the site of the accident before lowering the container to the track. The intermediate and advanced levels had a tunnel.

The students were given a bag of materials to use and within 4 hours had to design and build the crane.

Rochester Grammar Schools won the Foundation and Intermediate levels and The Leigh UTC won the Advanced.   

Prizes were supplied by the Rochester Bridge Trust and Rotary District Governor Brenda Parsons presented them.