The importance of these habits can be taught from a young age so when I heard about Punctuality Pup’s visit to Priory Infant School, Ramsgate, I was keen to find out more.

Ask any employer and they will tell you how essential good staff attendance and punctuality are in order to provide the best possible service.

Here is the article from the school, explaining how they are encouraging good attendance and punctuality from their pupils.

Our Punctuality Promo!

Priory Infants was visited by Punctuality Pup on Wednesday morning. He enjoyed giving out stickers, refreshments and meeting all the families who were here on time and ready to learn!

At Priory, we encourage all our children to come to school every day.

100% attendance = 100% learning!

  • Our teachers and TAs work hard to make every day interesting and fun so your child wants to come to school

  • At the last assembly of every term we reward children who have been to school every day that term with a special Gold 100% Certificate and a pin badge.

  • We also give a special Silver 99% Certificate to children who have only had 1 day off that term.

  • Every term the class with the best overall attendance gets to look after “Attendance Ted” as a treat, and the class with the best punctuality gets to look after “Punctuality Pup”

  • 100% attendance for the year is rewarded with a special hoodie.

By Miss Regan, FLO

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