Our Wildlife Garden is a  beautiful, peaceful area with a lovely busy pond, vegetable boxes, a shed, a greenhouse and four long wooden blocks around a bird bath for outdoor learning.  No fancy gardening equipment, just small spades, and forks for small hands to get busy with.

In the last year, the PTFA have funded a Green House (they helped put it up too!) and some potting equipment.  Young’s Nurseries have donated some seeds, birdhouses and Sage plants to attract the butterflies. 
It is hidden behind the nursery next to our school,  it has been there for a few years, but unless you emblazoned the entrance with bunting and luminous arrows you wouldn’t know it was there.

Until today.  Today we held an Opening event.  Today we put up the bunting, turned on the kettle and traded a non-uniform day for either cake or £1 from the children to help fund the refreshments.  Today, you couldn’t really miss our garden, if you missed the bunting, cakes, and drinks you couldn’t miss the very popular Eddie the Elephant in our playground!

Jackie from Young’s Nurseries very kindly agreed to officially open the garden for us and Eddie and Dave from Educational Life came along to witness and document our happy event.  It was a lovely event that raised £168.  If you were able to attend, thank you, if you were able to donate, thank you, if your child is in our school, thank you.  See you at the next event.