Eights girls from St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School, Ramsgate went to Canterbury University grounds to play in the Primary Stars Football Competition on Monday 12th March 2018.

The girls had a wonderful time and they won one, drew one and lost two matches. They played very well as a team and were most supportive of each other. Natasha scored two goals and two were set up for Sumaiya and Michelle. We had our photograph taken with the real Premier Cup. Our goalkeeper saved many goals and was brilliant. Natasha got ‘hacked’ and twisted her ankle, but kept on playing.  Pippa was ‘fouled’ and won herself a free kick and she passed cunningly to Natasha who scored! If we had won we would have then played at Leicester City, but we only came second. Thank you to Mr Williams for coaching us and taking us to Canterbury.

Thank you to the Young Reporters from St Ethelbert’s for providing this report.

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