POW Review by the Students of DMPA

On Friday 8th of March, we went to the Turner Centre to do our dance called ‘Freedom’. The two people who were teaching us this dance were called Lizzy and Libby with the help of Mrs Jeavons.  When they wanted our attention, they would say: “Big, Bang and BOOM” to which we would  push our arms forward to say “BOOOOOMMMM”. We than went to Dreamland to perform our dance to people.  I would totally do this again, because it was so much fun.  – Molly

On Friday 8th of March, we went to the Turner Centre and danced. We danced to a song called ‘Freedom’. We had been practicing specific dance moves to parts of music. We did lots of powerful moves. I really enjoyed it as I think all of us did.  When we arrived at the Turner, we had one practice with another schools called RAPS. We did the dance because it was International Women’s Day. There were two shouters called Olivia and Lulu. They jumped up shouted give me ‘E’  and we responded, the word we were spelling was EQUALITY. Also, we went to Dreamland on the 12th March to perform. We all really enjoyed it.  – Felicity

I was chosen to come and dance with Libby and Lizzy (who are very nice). We practiced lots and lots,  than on 8th March we had a performance of our dance ‘Freedom’. Then on the 12th March, we performed our ‘Freedom’ and ‘Electric call’ dance. To show what women can do.  The Dance stands for POW aka Power of Women.  – Leilah

One day, I was chosen for the dance university at school, we had lots of practice for the POW event and on the 8th of March we went to the Turner Centre to perform.  Our dance teachers were Libby and Lizzy who were really nice. Luckily, my best friend was chosen too and we had lots of fun. After our performance at the Turner we had even more practice.  On the 12th of March we went to perform at Dreamland. We were really nervous  but the teachers said: ‘If you are nervous, it will turn into energy.’ So we were confident. We performed in front of our parents and the public.  I would love to do it again.  – Annie.

Friday the 8th of March went to the Turner Centre to dance and we really enjoyed it. At the beginning we felt nervous but when we started to dance, we felt the power! On the 12th of March we went to Dreamland and felt more confident with dancing because we had already danced. We were dancing with RAPS and we all worked really hard on our POW project. The teachers made us confident and they were: Libby, Lizzy, Mrs Jeavons, Miss Lamb, Mrs Comber, Miss Haywood and Miss Moore. We all had t-shirts with different designs: light bulbs, robots, stars and potions.  – Marta.

Thanks to the children from Drapers Mills Primary Academy for these wonderful reports about the POW! events you took part in. The events looked like so much fun and the reviews you have written are wonderful!

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