Last week, a ‘real-life’ arctic researcher came to our school to talk about his fascinating job.

Polar scientist Dr Joseph Cook, who grew up and went to school in Thanet, visited year six to talk about his research and the difficulties he faces when setting up a camp on the ice.

This involves living and working on the ice sheet in Greenland for weeks at a time. He showed us many breath taking photos of the places he has worked and described his amazing experiences in this cold, isolated location.

Dr Cook brought some of his comfortable, warm clothing he has to wear to protect him from the extreme weather, to show us. Some children had the opportunity to try things on. Ethan didn’t want to take the goose-down jacket off as it was so warm and cosy!

Joseph, unfortunately, as he works in very low temperatures has had frost bite on his toes in the past!

Joseph has to work in a team to accomplish his goals as a polar scientist –the skills of cooperation and resilience needed to do this impressed everybody.

He has inspired all of us to follow our dreams!

We thank Joseph for coming to our school and hope that we can follow his adventures in the future.

If you’d like to read more about Joseph’s visit, you can visit his website at 

Article written by Young Reporters – Maddison and Lily