Northbourne Park School Senior Pupils
Pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral

May 2017

On Saturday the 13th May, senior pupils of Northbourne Park School completed their annual 14.7 mile walk to Canterbury Cathedral.

The Pilgrimage started with a blessing at the school chapel, St Mary the Virgin, Betteshanger, from School Chaplain, Revd Nigel Hale. The 29 children and supervisors then set off into the beautiful Kentish country side after having stocked up on plenty of water and snacks for along the way.

The pilgrimage is a special event in the school calendar as it gives the senior students a chance to reflect on the experiences they’ve had during their time at Northbourne Park School.  Many view it as a rite of passage transitioning into senior school life, and it also gives them a chance to clear their minds and focus, before they start their exams in a couple of weeks time.  One pupil said: ‘’I like the pilgrimage because it gives me a chance to spend some quality time with my best friends before we all split up when school finishes’’.

The walk takes the children along the original pilgrim’s path to Canterbury.  Along the way they visited 6 local churches eventually finishing at Canterbury Cathedral where they met their parents and received private blessings.

Priscilla Smith, Head of Outdoor Education said:  “Congratulations to all the children and staff who completed the 14.7 miles. It was lovely to see such a fine display of great determination both mentally and physically.”

For more information on the school, to request a full copy of the report or photographs, please contact the Headmaster, Sebastian Rees or School Administrator, Jackie Jones on 01304 611 215.