Outdoor Classroom in a Nature Garden

A nature and wildlife garden and outdoor classroom is being created for children at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

Staff, parents, and pupils dug in to get the project underway as they began clearing the area including hedges and a pond. Armed with spades, forks, trowels and wheelbarrows, the groundwork also included marking out and digging areas for planting.

Teachers, Tim Knight and Fiona Daly, who run the Explorers Club where pupils study insects and plants, are leading the nature garden project.

They said:

“It was a real team effort to get the nature garden project underway.

Staff, families and children all pitched in and we made a brilliant start. We will continue with the project during the next few months and hope to have it completed by the summer.

A huge thank you to everyone who turned out to help us get this venture underway, and to all those who are supporting us as well. This is an important project for our pupils who will benefit from it in so many ways.”

The garden is intended to act as an outdoor classroom and unique learning resource. It will provide children with access to a variety of sensory experiences including wildlife-friendly planting, opportunities to grow herbs, sensory plants and vegetables as well as investigating, surveying and building animal/insect habitats. There will also be a willow tunnel and ‘bug hotels’.

One special ‘guest’ at the gardening session was Newington Ted, a teddy bear who is looked after for a week by the pupil named as the latest Newington Winner for their overall performance at school. Megan, 4, decided she would take the bear along to join in the fun.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said:

“This is an exciting addition to our learning resources and it will be well used and lovingly cared for – the enthusiasm for the project has been there from the start and we look forward to seeing it develop over the coming months until it is ready for use.

Sharing an outdoor classroom with nature is a perfect environment for our pupils and staff.”

Thank you Newington Community Primary School for sharing this marvellous news about the updates taking place at your school and celebrating the involvement of parents, teachers and residents in the area. What a pleasure to see so many people invested in our children’s futures and getting their hands dirty.

We can’t wait for the next update!