At the weekend, we settled down with my teenage daughter to watch ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ because she hadn’t seen it. I know, I know huge mum let down.

Anyway, she won’t admit it but she laughed out loud and really enjoyed it, which was wonderful to see because I haven’t seen that smile an awful lot recently especially watching TV.

We have just endured ’13 Reasons Why’ and for many a reason,  I will come back to talking about our experience of that at a later date.

Immediately afterwards the greatest movies of the 90’s was on and being late on a Sunday evening neither my husband or I bothered to switch it over, as I vacantly watched clips of The Spice Girls, Wayne’s World, Austin Powers and even smiling politicians, I became increasingly nostalgic for a time that seemed so much more at ease and relaxed.

I know there are some that won’t agree with me, I know for huge amounts of people the 90’s was a struggle, a hardship and a real tough time. But for me it seems like life was just that bit more chilled, we had ‘Friends’ as a staple on the TV, ‘I’ll be there for you….’ Sorry you’re going to have that stuck in your head all day now.

Everything seemed less serious, nowadays everyone is so stressed, even my young boys at primary school are under pressure.

My volunteer role as a governor is under constant scrutiny, my husband used to referee at Sunday youth football, not any more far too stressful, and my teenager is under constant stress, it’s like walking on eggshells.

I know life is hard but why? Where have we gone so wrong that our children can’t be children anymore, our teenagers are crumbling under such immense pressure, they can’t even verbalise themselves properly.

Our downtime is often spent watching TV, my husband asked last week if we could find something a bit light-hearted to watch, as everything seems to constantly be going wrong in what we watch, finding a positive-themed programme is not that easy.

Today’s comedy is often crude and condescending, you can only have laughter and fun at someone else’s expense, how sad is that.

This week we are taking part in Screen-Free week, I am really looking forward to it, time to remove that depressing black box in the corner, inject some positivity back into my house…..